The ConFest Online is in hiatus after being defunded by the ConFest Committee as a cost cutting measure



The ConFest Online team was created from a discussion in the facebook/confest group amongst several attendees. The group had preliminary discussions and the vision was to create an online conferencing platform for DTE which was similar to confest considering at that time Confest had decided to cancel their Easter event. Over 900 Confestors registered for the online event over the weekend.


Purpose of the Event

The purpose of the event was to provide a platform which is similar to a real confest so that conferences, workshops & stages can be hosted. With different broad subject areas (think village festivals and how each village would have similar topics in their “area”).


Report on the first Online ConFest - Doc - Blog Article 

Confest began as a response to the Corona Virus of 2020. It posed and attempted to answer the question 'If Confest existed online, what would it look like?

The weekend of April 9-12 2020 allowed for a  small crew TekDev people and a group of Confestors

We had ??? Workshops

We Had 900+ Participants

We had 10 Volunteers and a budget of $500

Then the question was asked now what and so a group of those involved in the online gathering would like to pursue the technology of online communication throughout the year and how can the goals of Down to Earth be augmented with this approach