Thankyou again so much for your assistance.

The Local Health Medical Trust was formed in  2007 in response to a community need for improved health services in the Barham area including the attraction and retention of General Practitioners.  The Trust, on behalf of the community, fundraised and applied for grants to fund the purchase and fitting out of the local medical centre.  Ochre Health was then appointed to manage the facility.  A successful partnership between the community, the Local Health Medical Trust and Ochre Health has continued with the medical centre being well staffed with General Practitioners, Nurses, Administrative staff and other Allied Health Professionals.  The building has been extensively renovated and extended over the years to house additional health service  providers and is a great asset to our local community.  The project's aim of improving the health, economic and social environments of our community has been addressed.

We are a small group of volunteers that fundraise. This lap top allows Medical trust documents and correspondence to be housed on its own lap top instead of being spread over personal computers. We meet monthly to discuss fundraising or any issues relating to the medical trust.

Thankyou again for your support.

Maree Telford