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ConFest Online is a Platform of Possibilities when the community explores together a number of different thematics. It is about exploring both the topics and the technologies that underpin Social Justice end Environment;

ConFest Online is a Platform of Possibilities when the community explores together a number of different thematics

After the second gathering we decided to address the downtime of the resources when we are not using them

**Improved capacity for DTE Committees through use of greater capacity of the subscription, everything from pretty good transcription, to recording availability and another source of attendance records

No need to work through less powerful other subscriptions saving us ........... per year.

Share the videos through Google Drive


The confest online team was created from a discussion in the facebook/confest group amongst several attendees. The group had preliminary discussions and the vision was to create an online conferencing platform for DTE which was similar to confest considering at that time Confest had decided to cancel their Easter event. Over 900 Confestors registered for the online event over the weekend.

Purpose of the Event
The purpose of the event was to provide a platform which is similar to a real confest so that conferences, workshops & stages can be hosted. With different broad subject areas (think village festivals and how each village would have similar topics in their “area”).


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