Down To Earth acknowledges two servers, each with its on distinct approach - Secure

Administered through a code of conduct by the co-op and a skilled ICT crew, where you control the information - a server directly hosted by the co-op with domains owned by the co-op wrapped up in a code of conduct

This website has credentialed access where the public can roam and view what it needs and registered users can see little more and members can see what members want to see and so on

You will see our forms acknowledge consent where required and ask when a choice is possible


The Other is

Http:// - Unsecured

Privately administered server where you have no control and no say. There is no security with a stated intention of none to be implemented run by a closed group, no oversight with no code of conduct.

There is no credentialed access other than the server administrators who have total control, data is total open access.


**You can choose which server/s you wish to have your information contained on by contacting each one directly