September 2020 Postal Ballots

Need of a bit of an explanation here as too process and why its important you are informed and vote on the propositions


Voting Closes Must vote before 8pm Thursday 17th September

You should have received your ballot on 11th September

If you have not please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposition 1

That the board accepts that all currently active members who notify the board in writing that they wish to continue to be involved and they have attempted and been available to satisfy the requirements, along with a brief description of their involvement, have met their volunteering requirements and remain as active members. - Forum Discussion

Proposition 2

That $4500 is appropriated for the Organising Committee and together with the remainder of the July appropriation is used for the following expenses; $6000 for FinCom, $4990 for legal costs, $3000 for council rates, $3000 for Association Liability insurance, $2000 for motor vehicle insurance, $2000 for Warooma and Bylands property expenses such as electricity and internet, $200 for General Meeting expenses, $2500 for property clean-up expenses approved by the OC and $2231.98 for general contingencies as approved by the OC. Any money not used for these purposes will be returned to the Investment Account.. - Forum Discussion

Proposition 3

That $6,500 is appropriated for a September 2020 working bee. The formal budget submission for this allocation shall be tabled and discussed at the OC following the September SGM. - Forum Discussion

Proposition 4

That an appropriation of $23,512 be granted for FYE 30 June 2021 operating budget for DTE Board of Directors.
For a breakdown see . - Forum Discussion