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 The following links are Scribe tutorials are to help you navigate the site with page by page explanation of what this page is.

It also allows the users of these to tutorials to ask questions, add comments to each step helping it evolve as more peoples use it

Scribe - Link to scribe

General Links

Website Login - Tutorial

Membership login for the first time - Tutorial

Your Profile - Tutorial

Member Profile - Tutorial

 - Web Tour
 - Volunteer
 - Cardholder 
 - Reimbursement

 - Web Tour
 - Activity Form
 - Membership

- Web Tour
- Induction Process

Organising Committee
 - Web Tour - Link
 - Funding Form - Link

ConFest Commitee
 - Web Tour
 - Funding Form - Link

Tech Team
 - Web Tour

 - Funding Form - Link

 - Funding Form - Link




Other Tutorials


Other Tutoriasl