ConFest Committee Vision?

ConFest website is if you wish to know more about the event including volunteering during the event. If you would lie to be involved in helping g the event happens all year around then please come join the Confest committee

ConFest Committee enables the Confest gatherings

  • This is the committee responsible for the running of ConFest

  • At the Last CC June 2021 meeting it was decided to reach out to all the facilitators and ask them what they think they would need going forward in 2021/22 considering two scenarios one with ConFest, one without 


202122 - Are you facilitator in 21/22? 

Maybe it's a pass this time and I will be back, or nope I am out of here and in both scenarios happy to mentor incoming or no I need a real break for a bit

Are you playing in 21/22 - GSheet

202122 - and if your in CC needs two sets of figures 

Scenario One
Where we are putting on an Easter Gathering

Scenario Two
Where we are NOT putting on an Easter Gathering, A budget for what you need to maintain areas of effort for the year

* Please go to the tab your area of responsibility and enter in some guesstimates at best or others will decide.
   It will help us understand what is being planned within the community and considering in our budgets

Gathering - Emergency - Budgets


Gathering - Infrastructure - Budgets


Gathering - Villages - Budgets


1. Emergency

What is needed 

2. Infrastructure
What is needed 

3. Villages
How do you determine who gets funding in a tight environment

4. Co-operative
Because we only have one event per year the entire costs of the co-operative are carried by one event.
if we had two events we could split the cost of the co-op across two or more events 

5. Revenue
Ticket Price * Attendees  

Emergency + Infrastructure + Villages + Co-op = (Expense)
Expense + 20% Expense =Total Expense

Revenue > Total Expense 

Ticket Price
Revenue / Nbr tickets


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