Meets - ZoomRoom - 7:30PM Second Thursday of the month

ConFest Committee Vision? lets work it out?

ConFest website is if you wish to know more about the event including volunteering during the event.

If you would like to be involved in helping the event happens all year around then please join the Confest committee

The Committee 

  • enables the Confest gatherings

  • is responsible for the running of ConFest 

Are you a ConFest facilitator? 

ConFest relies on those who document the spaces they facilitate as well as come back to help share their learnings with those who come after

Are you a ConFest facilitator - GSheet

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Emergency - Past Draft Budgets


Infrastructure - Past Draft Budgets


Villages/Art/Workshops - Past Draft Budgets


BUDGET AREAS (Area Costings)
1. Emergency

What is needed 

2. Infrastructure
What is needed 

3. Villages
How do you determine who gets funding in a tight environment?

4. Co-operative
Because we only have one event per year the entire costs of the co-operative are carried by one event.
if we had two events we could split the cost of the co-op across two or more events 

5. Revenue
Ticket Price * Attendees  
Ticket Price = Budget plus margin
Attendees = ??

Emergency + Infrastructure + Villages + Co-op = (Expense)
Expense + 20% Expense =Total Expense

Revenue - Total Expense 

Ticket Price
Revenue / Nbr tickets


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