DTE Zoom Room


All meetings start at 7.30pm and are now held online at -  Zoom.

Sometimes additional meetings are also scheduled, please check the meetings list

First Tuesday of the month - GSC Governance & Compliance Group
Second Tuesday of the month - ICT/Tech Team
Third Tuesday of the month - Media Comms Group

All meetings start at 7.30pm and are now held primarily online via 
Every Week 11:00 - FinCom
First Thursday of the month - Board Meeting
Second Thursday of the month - ConFest Committee - Also every week (Thursday) for 16 weeks leading up to the gathering
Last Thursday of the month - Organising Committee
* An OC mtg can be held without notice in the remaining unused portion of a Board Mtg or a ConFest Committee Meeting
* An OC mtg can be called at any time by any member announced on the DTE Message Bank and the Internet.
NON DIGITAL SUNDAY - A Juggle, A Twirl, A Meal, Be entertained, Entertain, or just have a good chat with fellow members
Last Sunday of the month - ConFab - Melbourne - Sydney
Generally our meetings run to the same agenda
* Chairperson
* Minute Keeper
* Chat Moderator

* Welcome to Country
* Time Started
* Appoint Chairperson, Minute Keeper and Chat Moderator
* Attendance
* Minutes approved
* Matters arriving the Minutes
* Agenda
* Carried Resolutions
* Next Meeting
* Time Ended 
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Zoom Room

29 Sep 2021;
11:00AM - 01:00PM
Fincom Weekly Meeting
30 Sep 2021;
07:30PM - 10:30PM
OC Monthly Scheduled Meeting
05 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 11:30PM
GSC Meeting
06 Oct 2021;
11:00AM - 01:00PM
Fincom Weekly Meeting
07 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 10:30PM
Board Meeting
08 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 08:30PM
ConFab Friday Night
12 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 09:30PM
ICT Tech Team Meeting
13 Oct 2021;
11:00AM - 01:00PM
Fincom Weekly Meeting
14 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 10:30PM
CC Monthly Scheduled Meeting
19 Oct 2021;
07:30PM - 10:00PM
Media Coms Crew