DTE Property Access Policy & Procedures

 Ratified by Board of Directors: 17-Oct-2019

Given the potential liability the Board may be subject to with regards to the health and welfare of individuals accessing DTE properties, the Board shall implement the following policy & procedures:

  1. This policy applies to all properties owned by the cooperative.

  2. Outside of ConFest official dates and ConFest setup (6 weeks) and pack-down (2 weeks) period:

    1. Members and volunteers are limited to a maximum stay of up to 2 months duration in any 12 month period per DTE property.

    2. DTE property access must be applied for in writing and may only be granted by the Board (i.e. a minimum of 4 directors).

    3. Applications for DTE property access must include the following information:

      1. List of people requesting site access

      2. Contact details of people applying to access DTE properties

      3. Emergency contact details for each person applying to access DTE properties

      4. Arrival and departure dates

      5. Which project/budget and what it relates to

      6. The nominated project facilitator or site coordinator

      7. Objectives of visit

    4. People accessing DTE properties must record their arrival and departure within a site access register.

  3. When accessing DTE properties there must be a minimum of two people on site at any one time.

  4. Any variations to this policy will be at the discretion of the Board.

** Please try to add both phone and email for those attending site

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