Down To Earth has a few front doors


Organising Committee - Contact Form 

When contacting the OC correspondence is  submitted at the next OC meeting, usually the Last Thursday of every month


ConFest Committee - Contact Form

When contacting the CC correspondence is  submitted at the next CC meeting, usually the Second Thursday of every month


Fincom - Contact Form

When contacting FinCom is submitted at the next FinCom meeting, usually Every Tuesday 


MemCom - Contact Form

When contacting MemCom, correspondence is forwarded to MemCom members


Board - Contact Form

When contacting the board, correspondence is held by the secretary and submitted at the next board meeting, usually the First Thursday of every month


Community Development Fund - Contact Form

When contacting CDF is submitted at the next meeting, usually monthly 


ConFest Online - Contact Form

When contacting ConFest Online is submitted at the next meeting, usually monthly  





Annual and General Meetings

Learning Centre

CERES Environmental Park

7 Lee Street

Brunswick East, Vic 3057

Committee Meetings and 
Online Meeting Access

Telephone Meeting Access

Mobile One-Tap +61280152088
Manual Dial: (02) 8015-2088

Meeting ID: 236-280-3611

Postal Address

PO Box 295

Brunswick East, Vic 3057