Welcome to the Media Comms page – our little corner of cyberspace in which anyone can participate.

We are the storytellers and weavers of dreams. Storytelling is the oldest of artforms, the original virtual reality surviving in an age where the average attention span is getting shorter.   Our stories inform, teach, entertain and preserve our history.  Our blogs tell our members what's going on, share news of what's planned and what we are thinking.  Through our media we share an opportunity to challenge the status quo and open our minds to new possibilities.

Join us in this journey – a true adventure because no one knows where it will lead…….

The Media Coms Crew are responsible for:

  • Creating and distributing a DTE Newsletter

  • Maintaining the content of the DTE Website

  • Helping to maintain the events in the various Social Network Calendars

  • Contribute to the Blog at the DTE website

  • Provide an ongoing all year round presence in service of fellow co-op members 


We share a code of conduct in which we:

  • Act ethically and accountably
  • Never express an opinion that would not presented in a face to face conversation.
  • Disclose affiliations, personal agendas and conflicts of interest
  • Never knowingly publish anything we know to be inaccurate.
  • Are respectful of others
  • Play nicely, and 
  • do not feed the trolls!

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