Covid - ConFab Goes On!

During Lockdown - Zoom Room  - Every Second Friday Night - 7:30PM

Post Covid - Last Sunday in the Month - 5:30PM - Dinner @ 6 - FB Event - Lentil As Anything - Abbotsford Convent - WSite

2021 - July - ConFab Goes On!
July 18th at Abbotford Convent
2021 - March - ConFab Goes On!
Following on from the rather soggy picnics we had a ConFab inspired dinner at Lentil as Anything. It happened on the following Sunday at 5pm. We had 20+ people there and it was a gentle, kid friendly time.
We are inspired to repeat it on the last Sunday of each month. Let us know if you’re coming and feel free to have one elsewhere if you can’t make it to Melbourne!
What is ConFab?
 * "Confab" is a celebratory gathering providing direct public benevolent action as well as education and support of the arts.
The ConFab Committee
  1. The sole role of the ConFab Committee is the organising, promotion and management of ConFab:

    1. (i)  Meetings of the ConFab Committee are held during the function as necessary.

    2. (ii)  The ConFab committee may report to the Board as required.

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