Down To Earth Volunteer Form

While acting as a volunteer, each volunteer must:

  • Act with care and diligence
  • Behave honestly and with integrity 
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy
  • Disclose any actual or apparent conflicts of interest
  • Seek authorisation before disclosing sensitive information 
  • Comply with all applicable Australian laws and statutory requirements

Each volunteer should be fully aware of the trusted and privileged position they hold and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and sensitivity.


Everyone at Down To Earth is a Volunteer!

Down To Earth is entirely volunteer and community created. That means no one gets paid to organise the co-operative.

Down To Earth's major activity is setting up ConFest which  is a lot like setting up a small town for a week and then packing it down again, so most of the skills and understandings we each have from our day to day personal and working lives, are very much needed for it happen.

Everyone member of Down To Earth  is asked to contribute a minimum of 24 hours of their time per annum as part of their membership. This is part of what makes everyone’s DTE experience. It also helps to create an active community, a village and keeps ticket prices low.

If you see a NEED and you can fulfill it, feel free to take the initiative to DO IT.

We encourage you to help out and spend your energy where you see fit. Your hours won’t be documented (unless you’d like to apply for DTE active membership), so if you find yourself near something that needs fixing or someone who needs helping, feel free to jump in! This helps create happy organic nature of Confest. 


For Down To Earth to continue to exist we need a whole range of skills; heavy vehicle drivers, trained medics, sign painters, accountants, cooks, firefighters, town planners, counselors, plumbers... the list goes on and on; previous experience with putting on festivals is really not required.

 There are different kinds of volunteering you can do

1- Volunteering all year round site management


3- Working bees and other site visits during the year in between festivals

4- The organization in between festivals; i.e. paperwork, community building, communications etc… things we can do from home.

 Contributing more than 24 hours of your time over 12 months grants you a discounted volunteer ticket to ConFest and makes you eligible to become a DTE active member. This allows you to vote at Confest committee meetings and at DTE General meetings.


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