ICT/Tech Team Vision

Tech Team enables participants in the co-operative, its committees and projects a tech support system which enables our members ….

  • Every participant deserves our support in enabling them to provide the best use of the systems Down To Earth puts in front of them
  • Teach Team assists the committees in finding better ways to do online tasks than we currently do.
  • We provide reports for various areas/departments to help them make decisions
  • Provide an ongoing all year round presence in service of fellow co-op members
  • It is by nature platform agnostic and encourages all to pursue an avenue of technology which may bring improvements to the community
  • Tech Team is a combination of  number of interests across the different projects of ConFest and Down To Earth
  • It pursues technology to better the co-operative and it's members,

How is the tech team structured?
Essentially the team has skillsets to particular areas of our digital domain. You do not need to be proficient in all or any, there are lots of beginner tasks somewhere

dte.coop - Webteam
dte.coop - mail exchange
dte.coop - sharepoint team
data.dte.org.au - 
dte.org.au - Webteam
Woorooma Wifi and phone

Possible Alternative Products/Suppliers/Projects
Generally we start with the premise everything can be improved and so every part of the jigsaw puzzle is up for re-evaluation. It is the Confest way, no offense will be taken.
This way we do not need to waste time criticising what is, simply be open to improvements when they are suggested
So if you would like to suggest an alternative feel free to do so using the forms below. 
 * Submit Alternative Product - Form
 * Submit Alternative Approach/Project - Form

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