Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Dear member

Last week the DTE Board of Directors resolved the following:

“that in accordance with DTE Rule 35 clause (2)(d) the Board hereby requires that all resoluons presented at General Meetings must be decided by electronic postal ballot using ElectionBuddy or similar software.”

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Yesterday, with the permission from those onsite I drove to Woorooma and delivered 600 seedlings that Ray Higgins had been growing for this year's tree planting weekend.  600 is a big number for 8 volunteers all over 60 years old so if they plant 100 I will be happy.


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Last year while I was working on the front gate and delivering meals to welcome and front gate I noticed sometimes three and up to four lanes of traffic going in both directions around the welcome tent area which placed considerable risk to those volunteers at welcome . I felt that it was an unacceptable risk for DTE to place volunteers in .

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The ConFest Online team is back again with another exciting journey visiting the foundationswas created from a discussion in the facebook/confest group amongst several attendees. The group had preliminary discussions and the vision was to create an online conferencing platform for DTE which was similar to confest considering at that time Confest had decided to cancel their Easter event. Over 900 Confestors registered for the online event over the weekend

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