The Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee  enables members to manage their membership and activity forms. We are here to enable our members board etc to answer their queries and offer any insights they may wish….

  • Provide an ongoing all year round presence in service of fellow co-op members
  • Every member deserves our support in enabling them to be the best member they can be
  • MemCom gathers and presents receipts, matches to membership forms and activity sheets
  • Provides reports to the Board and OC.
  • MemCom maintains an Active Members list
  • Review Membership status requests - Review Form
  • MemCom provides reports for various areas/departments to help them make decisions
  • Maintaining Mailing Lists
  • Maintain the Members Area of the website
  • Assists Auditor, Returning Officers and Scrutineers in administration of elections
  • Minutes to Membership Committees stored - Minutes - GFolder - Sheet




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