Down to Earth/ConFest expenditure is managed through a series of annual appropriations and then distributed according to budgets approved through CC, OC, ConFab, Market or Board. Budgets are approved during committee meetings

An approved budget is required for any expenditure to be approved

Applying for a budget is not the same as applying for a DTE Debit Card.

Initial Debit Card Request - Link

Applying for funding

Please Read First

If you would like to apply for a budget for a project at ConFest or DTE related please read the following first

Application Info - Article

Expenditure Policy - Article

Working Bee reimbursements Policy - Article

Use the chat to ask any questions first before you send in your application, 

Step by step process - Article (WIP)


Application Form - CC, OC,Board, Market, ConFab

If your number of budget items is ten or less, the online form will suffice

If over ten then our online application form only accepts Gmail accounts 

If you have over ten items and do not have a gmail account, please use this form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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