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1. Receive ‘responsible person’ status
DTE members agree to be bound by our Members Code of Ethics and Conduct. In doing so, members are recognised as responsible persons, for the duration of their membership.

2. Recognition
Members may use the post-nominal DTE to signal their involvement in this body. 

3. Capacity building publications
Current trends, issues and emerging areas of risk via member-only (Link to newsletters) and (Link to governance help sheets). 

4. Policy Alerts
Receive notifications when changes are made to governance, members, financial management, values and communications policies you’ve downloaded through our (Link to Policy Bank). 

5. Preferential member pricing
Members may receive workers tickets for events, depends on volunteer hours

6. Member events
Access to deep connections and a vibrant network of believers and doers in Australia's Alternative Lifestyle community. There’s an online forum, as well as regular invitations to events like ConFest, Working Bees. 

7. Access to forums, networks, information and opportunities
Boost your confidence (and competence), explore other ways of living in a post covid world and open doors.

8. Budget friendly
For as little as $10 (inc GST)  plus min 24 hours per annum for your community, you get all the benefits outlined above and so much more.

The Down to Earth Cooperative is volunteer-run community. Membership is open to active volunteers within the Down To Earth community.

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