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The OC is the organising arm of the Co-operative.

The OC has the responsibility of both of its properties and the administration of the co-operative.

Meets - ZoomRoom - 7:30PM Last Thursday of the month

You can follow the meeting schedule here 

Past meeting minutes are stored here

We also have a Facebook Group for DTE members  – FGroup


Agenda Items (Not budgetary or reimburse/advance)

If you would like to an agenda item to the next meeting please use this Add Agenda Item


Budgets, Funding & Reimbursements

If you would like to know more about funding visit Apply for Funding 

If you are seeking reimbursement, please upload your approved expenses into DEX or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*When you apply for the budget, please do not also submit an agenda item"


The Core Rules for the OC

(The Cheatsheet is where I think this will ultimately sit, just for the next few meetings it would be good to have them close)


The Organising Committee

  1. (i)  The Organising Committee's function is to:

    1. run general meetings of the Co-operative;

    2. be the executive arm of the Co-operative relating to all matters not covered by the other standing Committees of the Board;

    3. regularly record, compile, update, and publish to members, all policies developed by the Board, the Committees of the Board, and general meetings of the Co-operative.

  2. (ii)  Every Organising Committee meeting will be conducted in accordance with Rule 33.

  3. (iii)  Organising Committee Meetings may be held at the same time and place as Board meetings and ConFest Committee meetings, without notice.

  4. (iv)  Organising Committee meetings held at other times shall be announced on the DTE Message Bank and the Internet.

  5. (v)  Organising Committee meetings are limited to three hours duration or the unexpired portion of three hours of a Board or ConFest Committee meeting.

  6. (vi)  Organising Committee Meetings shall not be adjourned.

  7. (vii)  The quorum for an Organising Committee Meeting is ten (10) active members.

  8. (viii)  Active members of the Co-operative can qualify as members of the Organising Committee by attending three (3) of the last five (5) Organising Committee Meetings

  9. (ix)  The Organising Committee can use electronic (internet and telephone) and written (mail and circulation of documents) as part of its meeting process and committee members do not need to be physically present.

  10. (x)  The Organising Committee may delegate specific functions to individuals or sub committees.

  11. (xi)  The Organising Committee shall have a monthly minimum allowance of one hundred dollars ($100) cumulative, and additional operating expenses are to be approved by general meeting motion.

  12. (xii)  The Organising Committee will develop and follow financial and reporting procedures as agreed to by the Board and the Co-operative's Auditor.

  13. (xiii)  The Organising Committee shall complete its accounts within 30 days of the end of the financial year.

  14. (xiv)  The Organising Committee will publish a set of the Co-operatives accounts and a report once a quarter on the member's section of the Co-operatives website with hard copies available at the next Board and ConFest Committee meeting.

  15. (xv)  All monies are to be allocated to an individual for a specific task and the individual is entirely responsible to account for the funds advanced.

  16. (xvi)  All matters that may impact on the Board's liability shall be presented to the Board for its consideration.


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