41 Election of Directors

(1) At least 6 weeks before an annual general meeting, the Organising Committee of the Board must:
(a) notify all members of the number of Directors retiring at the annual general meeting, and;

(b) advise the members of:

  1. (i)  their eligibility to nominate as a Director, and;

  2. (ii)  the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of a Director, and;

  3. (iii)  the nomination and election procedures.

  1. (2)  Not less than 6 weeks before the annual general meeting, a notice must be displayed at the registered office of the Co-operative inviting nominations of candidates for election as Directors.

  2. (3)  A nomination must:

    1. (a)  be signed by 2 or more active members, and;

    2. (b)  provide a statement by the nominee detailing the qualifications and experience of the person nominated including their experience within DTE and detailing their compliance with the requirements of Rule 39, and;

    3. (c)  be accompanied by a notice in writing signed by the candidate agreeing to his or her nomination;

    4. (d)  include a copy, dated and signed by the nominee, of the DTE auditor’s letter acknowledging his or her responsibilities and duties as a director.

  3. (4)  The nomination and the notice referred to in the sub-rule (3) must be lodged at the registered office of the Co-operative at least 28 days before the annual general meeting.

  4. (5)  Details of each person who has been nominated must be given to all members with the notice of the annual general meeting by an officer nominated by the Organising Committee of the Board.

  5. (6)  Details to be provided to members must include the candidate's:

    1. (a)  name, and;

    2. (b)  age bracket, and;

    3. (c)  experience in the running of ConFest or ConFab, and any other relevant qualifications and experience, and;

    4. (d)  length of any previous service as a Director of the Co-operative or with any other Co-operative, and;

    5. (e)  details of any commercial involvement over the previous two years with the Co-operative, ConFest and/or ConFab, including but not limited to participation as a stall holder in the ConFest market or as a contractor or supplier to ConFest and/or ConFab, and;

    6. (f)  a photograph of the candidate and a policy statement not exceeding 200 words.

  1. Manner of election

    1. (1)  The ballot for the election of Directors must be conducted at the annual general meeting in the manner that the Board directs.

    2. (2)  The Organising Committee of the Board shall advise each member in the election notice that the member has the right to apply for a postal vote in lieu of a personal vote at the meeting, and shall make appropriate arrangements for that.

    3. (3)  Voting shall be on forms approved by the Board and shall be by secret ballot.

    4. (4)  If, at the general meeting the position of any retiring Director is not filled, that position is treated as a casual vacancy.

  2. Casual vacancy

    (1)  Any vacancy occurring in the Board otherwise than by rotation of retirement, shall be filled by an election to be called as soon as practical at a Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting if applicable.
    (2)  The election shall be conducted under the same procedure as set out by Rule 41and Rule 42 but applying to Special General Meetings in lieu of annual general meetings.
    (3)  The candidate so elected shall retire at the same time as the director he or she is replacing would have been due to retire.