Membership Status Validation

What is it?

Maybe there are seven different opinions here lets see if we can work out whether we can work out what it is

  • Becoming a Member - Board Meeting
    • Membership Form, Activity Form and those present who wish to speak of the applicant's character and efforts - This is the moment of validation where forms and people agree - this is when the person is noted as a member - officially though not till ??????
    • So while we have the time, I am going to go hunt the board meeting dates down if I can
  • Paperwork
    • Membership Form
    • Activity Form
  • Maintaining Active Status
    • Activity Form
    • Ruling - Insert link to ruling

MemCom can provide this all year round in the following way.

Agree on a page for a list we all agree is the Active Members List
* which can be updated using this form - Member Status Review

At an agreed time MemCom forward Lists to Auditor

Validating Points of Contact

  • First Point - Email Address is validated
    • Each submitted Activity Form
    • Email to Member re previous SGMs
    • Email to Member re previous AGMs
    • Email updated at last election
    • If they are on the newsletter list
  • Second Point - Street Address is validated
    • Via Australia Post
    • Timelines here???