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Some will be quick to criticise, others help us identify what is not working and maybe even make positive suggestions on how it could improve.

While we understand the former, we appreciate the latter more.

This is the Down To Earth way of sharing, teaching and learning from each other. 

Please use the chat to the bottom right hand corner on any webpage in the website  or the contact form to inform us of any problems/suggestions you may have

Some things about feedback

Not everyone can be right and a website is a good example of how we can develop an acceptable best for all of us

First lets focus on Menus, menuItems and their attached articles and ensure we have sign off over them and then we can focus on the look and UI experience

 Navigating the DTE Website

 The website starts with you, you as a user. 

If you are registered and logged in, you will see what is related to the groups you belong to. 


Your Profile page is your starting point

  -  Your Profile 

  • Wall
  • Forum Posts
  • Pics
  • Videos 
  • Files
  • Groups 


When you are at your profile you can also see your 

  • Membership
  • Activity Form info/status.


If you are engaged with Fincom you can also see

  • your id/links and 


If you go to any meetings you can see

  • Your attendance
  • Agenda Items you may have proposed

There are tools to explore

  • Forum
  • Calendar

Code of Conduct

The community will moderate the content, by using the site  you are acknowledging that you can be blocked or removed at any time. At all times please be respectful. 

Should you not be happy with the conduct of the moderators or administrators of this site you agree to take this up with the Down To Earth complaints procedure.  

We seek the same agreement from the moderators and administrators.
Code of Conduct


Google - Understanding why there are a few google docs instead of articles

  • The role of the google docs peppered throughout the site is because we are not sure what to put on the pages yet, we aren't even sure how the menus should finally look. This way everyone can contribute to the content, not just the coders
  • In time the content will settle and we may switch them out for articles

Current known Issues

 * Maybe some broken links here and there, generally all's good at the moment - Find anything, please drop it into chat



  • Support is usually immediate through the chat channel
  • Support documentation is currently being developed

Front Doors
From the DTE site you can find the various front doors/landing pages for each of our committees and projects


  • ConFest Committee
  • Organising Committee
  • Board
  • ConFab
  • Market


Working Groups/Projects
You are encouraged to join the groups and areas you are interested in and we will present the data accordingly, making it easier for groups to collaborate around easily accessible documentation

  • FinCom
  • MemCom
  • Bylands
  • Woorooma
  • CNF online
  • GSC
  • ICT/TechTeam

To create easily accessible open access front doors to the various committees and working groups.

The site is built with blended technologies, built on a Joomla CMS and integrates with other systems


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