Elections - Down To Earth only has elections for Directors

They are conducted by the Auditor and use Election Buddy to facilitate the vote

An Election Team

Returning Officer - Gary Lasky 
Scrutineer - Rick Gill
Scrutineer - Tania Moorsman
Scrutineer - ??????
MemCom - Robin Macpherson - Scrutineer?? (closed Loop on data)
MemCom - Kristen Tunney
Auditor - Michael or David

Important Dates
Send out by?- where  -

  • Election Team is aware of - Active Members List
    • Has till 36?? hours/Days prior to vet list
  • MemCom sends Active List to Auditor - 34 hours
  • Auditor Validates List
  • Auditor loads Members list into Election Buddy via TBT
    • It can be loaded the day before with a set send date/time
  • Voting Closes
  • Results posted


 * Maintains Acitve Members list - Latest List

 * Handles Members status queries up 24 Hours before - Request

 * Forwards list to Auditor for validation


 * Auditors validate Active Membership Status

 * Scrutineers watch and confirms list loaded into Election buddy is the correct one
         - I think we can zoom this bit to all members

Current Ruling re active Status - Link

Am i a member? - Form

 -  Election of Directors - Rules

 -  Validation of Voting List - Link

 -  Active Members List - List
Please check you are on the active list - If you are you can vote
This is the list which goes to our Auditor and fed into Election Buddy

 -  InActive Members List - List
Inactive Members
Cannot Vote

 -  Past Members List - List
Past members of the co-operative 

 -  Change Member Status - Request
To move someone from one list to another


GSC Events

GSC Volunteers