Minute Keeper Procedure 

Preparing for taking the Minutes  

  1. Use - Created 20230810 
  2. Copy the Template into - Use save as or download upload functions
  3. Rename Template
  4. Follow instructions on the template
  5. Copy/Paste Agenda Items to appropriate template
  6. When done Save as PDF
  7. Send PDF copy to David Cruise
  8. Send PDF copy to either ccmail@, ocmail@ or secretary@

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During Meeting 

  • Time meeting started  
  • Chairperson and Minute Taker 
  • Register  attendees  
  • Confirmation of previous minutes  
  • Update Action Log  
  • Correspondence & payments 
  • Agenda Items   
  • Time meeting ended  

For Resolutions Record 

  • The Motion 
  • The Mover of the motion 
  • Seconded by 
  • Amendment to the motion (if required)  
  • Accepted / Not Accepted.  PBM passed by majority, PBC passed by consensus.   

If a vote has a close count, record the numbers of those for and against.  

After minutes are typed 

  • Upload draft copy to dte.coop. Email draft to David Cruise  

After minutes are ratified  

  • Adjust minute heading to Confirmed and record date when ratified.  
  • Upload draft copy to dte.coop & email draft to David Cruise  


  • It is disrespectful to correct the minute taker via shared email platforms.  Adjustments to minutes are to be done at the following meeting when being ratified.   
  • People who criticise the minutes and minute taker in an unconstructive manner are directed to type them next time.  
  • Prioritise properly framed motions and business matters  before general discussions 


More References

University of Western Australia - How to write and Take Minutes

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